On the 30 of June, on the Young Dog's Day from group Peel and Maas.

Xai van Quantide ,
in the klasse Males 15 t/m 17 months, 1th place
+ best dog of the day.
Owner. A, B en R-L Wagenaar

Xade van Quantide ,in the klasse Females 15 t/m 17 maanden, 3th place.

On the 3 of June, on the exhibition in Julich (D)

Yoi van Quantide

Yoi van Quantide, in the Youth class females Brindel,    1 Exe. + VDH Anwartschaft
Xaitlinn van Quantide, in the Between class females Brindel,    4 Exe..

We have received the results of the health examinations
of Xaitlinn and Xade

Xaitlinn van Quantide

HD A     Heart 0


Xade van Quantide

HD A     Heart 0

We have got the results from the spondylose examination.

Veerle van Quantide

Spondylose 0



Kasper van Quantide

He succeed for the IPO 3 certificate
with 256 points (96 73 87)
qualification: Excellent
Judge: I. Rockosch

Trainer: Marino Kuipers

On the 22 and 23 of April, on the exhibition in Mönchengladbach (D)

Veerle van Quantide

in the Youth class females Yellow,

on Saturday 22-4    2 Exc + res. VDH Anwartschaft
and on Sunday 23-4    1 Exc + VDH Anwartschaft

Veerle van Quantide

We have the results from the HD and Heart examinations.

Heart 0          HD A
                               Bone-aquasion: 0
                                 Norberg-value: 35

Op 8 January, on the International exhibition in Nürnberg (D)has

Oraia van Quantide,

in the Working dog class females Brindel.
1 U + VDH Anwartschaft.

Oraia is now German VDH champion.

Beate en Helmut, congratulations.


The latest news from 2016.

We have got the results from the spondylose examination.

Romijvan Quantide

Spondylose 0

official assessment of the German Boxer club (BK).

Oraia van Quantide,

has succeed for the IPO 1 certificate
Trainer: Helmut Jodl.

van Quantide boxers