Hello, please be welcome on our site.

We are the Overweel family and live in Nijmegen.
40 years ago we bought our first female boxer wich we called Cras.
Within a year we bought a male, wich we called Bas.
A couple of years later we wanted to breed our own litter and get knowledge into the dog breeding business

Soon we discovered breeding was not that easy and we decided not to do it, our boxers didn't have the quality needed to improve the breed.
We kept on reading and learning about breeding and continued training our boxers.
8 Years later both Cras and Bas died soon after each other.
We have spent a half year without boxers, but than we coudn't wait any longer and we decided to have another boxer.

But this time we wanted to do it right, and start a little breeding kennel.
At a sertain moment we met a boxer called Kimba van de Beukmolen, a verry short boned, one-year-old boxer bitch.
The former owner, a german breeder, didn't want to use this bitch. But we saw a verry good base in this boxer.
She also had a good pedigree, wich we wanted to use for breeding.
Because of that we bought Kimba and started our breeding kennel.
All our boxers are decendents from Kimba.
Kimba unfortunatly died at the age of 13.

We want to give u an idea on how things are going at our home:

Our boxers are living in our home, because we don't keep boxers in kennels.
We breed 1 or 2 litters a year.
Our litters are born in our house, we have created a small room for them.
This has as advantage that the bitch that has to give burth, has al the rest she needs in the first weeks after her pregnancy.
After 4 weeks, (start of the first learning phase), at first the puppy's are going 10 minutes a day to the livingroom or the garden.
This is getting more and longer each day.
This goes on and on till the 7th week.
At that point they are going out for 2 hours, 4 times a day.
So we are getting the best result in the first learning phases.


Regurlary we participate at foreign dog shows.
This has given some good results, such as:

VDH Champions
Veterans Champions
Luxemburgs Junior Champion

1st place at the Atibox in 2015
And several other places at other Atibox shows.

Jahresieger Switzerland 2015
Jahresieger Germany 2018
And several other places at other Jahressiegers in Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

John Overweel